Our Political Support

“As the live music capital of the world, we are a city of artists and we wholeheartedly commend the promotion of the arts as alternative healing for veterans. The Austin Veteran Arts Festival is an opportunity to show such support to our veterans every year in a month long promotion of the arts and veteran’s health.”
City of Austin, Mayor Steve Adler

“Austin is an epicenter of live music and art, which makes it fitting that we utilize both to honor our veterans. I look forward to other community leaders and members joining me to lend their support to this great cause.”
Congressman Lloyd Doggett

“With veteran suicides reaching an alarming rate, we must quickly find solutions from all possible avenues. Through the hard work and dedication of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel, we might just find creative and innovative ways to do just that. This festival has the potential to put our military community on the right track. Using the arts and incorporating military families in the healing process, this festival has the potential to profoundly affect the lives of our veterans.”
Senator Donna Campbell. M.D.
Chair - Veteran Affairs & Border Security

“Helping veterans heal through the innovative approach for both unifying and honoring armed forces veterans who have proudly served our country. It is also a creative way for members of the Austin and central Texas community to show their support and appreciation while learning more about the emotional, mental and physical challenges facing facing many of our veterans, and their families.”
Texas Senator Dawn Buckingham, MD
Senate District 24

“The Austin community is known in Texas for its deep appreciation for the arts and culture scene. As the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, we understand the positive impact that art can have in someone’s life. I am proud to express my support for the Austin Veterans Art Festival, or AVA Fest, that will be taking place from October-November 2019.
Texas State Senator, Kirk Watson

“Through this national art festival, AVAFEST will collect, preserve, and exhibit artwork inspired by veterans, reunite our military veterans and educate our communities about military heritage through the arts, inspire patriotism and help our local veterans heal through the therapy of the arts.”
Allen Bergeron, City of Austin, Veterans Program Administrator

“The purpose is to help artist veterans and their family members throughout the nation understand the healing power of art. Veterans celebrate their history through visual art, photography, sculpture, theatre, poetry, dance, music and culinary arts, Art relieves stress, enhances problem-solving skills, boosts self esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.”
Council Member Ora Houston, City of Austin, District #1

“AVA Fest is scheduled to run from Oct. 18, 2019, until Nov. 17, 2019, in museums and cultural centers throughout the city. I encourage support for and engagement with efforts dedicated to this event. This is an incredible opportunity for the community and I am excited to for this festival to become an annual tradition in Austin.”
Alison Alter, Council Member, District 10

“Art therapy is ranked as a premiere technique to treat veterans with Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder and other traumatic brain injuries. The goals of the AVA Fest are based on studies that show creative expression decreases intense and debilitating fear, agitation, aggression, anxiety and depression in veterans.”
Kathie Tovo, Ph.D, Mayor Pro Tem, Council District 9

“We, the African American Resource Advisory Commission, support the AVA Fest directly affects the African American Veteran quality of life, socially and economically, in Austin, Texas. We support change through community-based leadership and action including meaningful working relations with veterans throughout the city and state of Texas.”
Kenneth Thompson, Chair, African American Resource Advisory Commission

“The Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars recognizes the impact that art has as an alternative for healing and helping veterans with PTSD and TB! and is supportive of the aims and goals of the Austin Veterans Arts Festival and the positive impact it will have for veterans and the community.
Ingeborg A. Conley, Texas State Commander
Department of the VFW