This fundraising page is to assist AVAFEST to raise funds for a few of our productions of which adequate funds have not been raised for implementation. Volunteers, organizations and businesses are encouraged to participate when they visit this page by offering financial assistance. Those who respond will be given exposure at thises events, On our website and in written form form in our event communiques and Press Releases. Without needed funding the AVAFEST projects listed here may fall short of being able to be produced for AVAFEST 2019.

AVAFEST 2019’s principle sponsor is the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel a nonprofit 501 c 3 organization created specifically to deal with the suicide crisis in America. All donations are tax deductible. AVAFEST 2019 is cosponsored by VSA Texas, The State Organization on Arts and Disability.


We are selling tickets on EVENTBRITE to help support this wonderful comedy for veterans and their fanily members primarily by veterans. Come out and laugh with our veterans.  Anthony Torino (USAF), founder of Crosshairs Comedy, has been seen at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and on Showtime’s Comedy Warriors.  Torino will be joined by Al Gonzales (USMC) and Jami Shofner (USN).  These two have made many television and theatrical appearances all over the country.  They will be joined by military favorite and American Patriot Jay LaFarr from New York.  They may also have a special guest or two.  Bring your friends and support this great cause as part of AVAFest Ticket purchases are tax deductible.  Get your tickets now before they sell out: